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- Louis Low, Captain of Thunderstruck

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Save time! Easily manage your roster and practice schedule and streamline team communications.

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Most dragon boat captains lead teams because they love dragon boating and the community that surrounds it. They soon find out just how frustrating it can be to manage schedules and communicate with paddlers, and they spend way too much time behind a computer, instead of on the water with their friends.

Gushou can help. Imagine a program that could schedule practices, communicate with your team and make filling your boat quick and painless. That's what Gushou does and that's what it can do for you.

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What Is Gushou?

Founders Chrissy and Blake love dragon boating except one thing - the everyday frustration that comes with trying to organize a team. That's what led them to build Gushou. Their frustration has been transformed into joy since developing software that is helping organize and manage the dragon boat industry. Today they travel and speak all over North America promoting this breakthrough software.



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"I always knew that with all the long email chains and missed details that there had to be a better way to organize our team. I tried Gushou and it has saved me so much time each week. Everyone gets all the information they need right away."

"I love being Lake Practice Coordinator for Dragons Abreast, but was always looking for an easier way to communicate with our paddlers. I was unsure about trying new software to manage my team, but when I realized how quick and easy it is to use Gushou - I loved it and going forward I will be using it all the time. I highly recommend Gushou to everyone managing a dragon boat team."

Joanna Chrystal, Dragons Abreast

"There were so many times that I considered giving up as a team captain. It was too much work to organize our team. When I heard about Gushou, everything became simple and fun again. I could now spend more time enjoying the water than stuck behind a computer. I could do this for years now - it's so easy."

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